As Division I field hockey players, my teammates and I were more than accustomed to hard workouts and soreness. What we couldn’t stomach, literally, were the protein powders and shakes that followed. These products, with roots in the male body building industry, just weren’t designed for women. We felt bulky and nauseated, and we dreaded every sip. This got me thinking...there HAD to be a better way to give our bodies the post-workout fuel we needed.


I decided to reach out to elite female athletes across the country to get their input on protein recovery. It became clear that these women shared my frustration at the lack of female-specific formulations. We saw a problem that needed fixing.


With numerous hours of brainstorming, market research and customer discovery, we formulated a simple, plant-based superfood powder that we like to refer to as FEM Power Restore. We hope you love its taste and feel great drinking it after your workout. That’s what you deserve.



Beginning my FEM Power business venture while attending the University of Iowa, I knew I had a great love for the people and atmosphere of Iowa City. It had so much to offer with community involvement and acceptance for what was then, a brand new startup. 

Following my graduation and the end of my athletic career, I decided to pack my things and move to Utah with my partner, Dylan and our golden doodle, Oliver. The beautiful mountains of Utah make it almost impossible to be inactive! 

I knew moving to Utah would be a great opportunity to expose FEM Power to an even bigger market. While FEM had initially started in Iowa, the business operations officially began in my new city, Salt Lake City. Approaching 2 years as an official business, FEM Power has generated relationships in both states I call home and continues finding connections throughout the country.