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The Story Behind FEM Power Part 2: The Project

My athletic journey was where the majority of my inspiration toward FEM Power started, however, I often get the question as to HOW I made the idea come to life and gather the information I needed to structure a plan for it to blossom! During my time in college, I occasionally had an online class that fit best within my schedule. Oddly enough, the only online class I had during my fall semester was the class where the project of FEM Power developed! Advanced Business Planning was the course that drove me to start FEM. Students were to come up with a business idea, create elevator pitches, business plans, and talk weekly about how their company would be finding key points within market discovery and research.  Although this course was essential for my major, I NEVER thought creating a business would be a possibility for me. As I began doing my weekly assignments and exposing my idea to the real world and athletes, receiving feedback on the potential need for a clean, plant-based powder targeted toward daily active females, I started to realize maybe my idea wasn’t so ludicrous… 

This photo was taken in 2018 at the Hawkeye Innovation Fair held at the University of Iowa for students with startup businesses and ideas.

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